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A strong brand

Spilter is the maker of the Acceleration Room® with which organizations provide their Human Capital with a combination of software and methods that significantly improve policy and decision-making by groups of people. This increases the agility and learning capacity of organizations and thus their effectiveness. Our clients are in both the private and public domain. We are often active for (local) governments in the areas of social domain, energy transition and environmental law and vision. We are ambitious and are steadily building on the impact we offer organizations.

Looking for a strong Business Consultant

We are looking for a thinking doer with a good sense of social direction, several years of experience and the desire for further development. You help our clients improve their business operations and achieve their objectives. This often requires the organization to elevate collaboration and relationships with internal and external stakeholders and partners – which in turn requires groups of people to have the right digital tools. That is exactly what you will offer through the interplay of technology, methods and advice in the form of the Spilter Acceleration Chamber ®.

What do we expect from you?

You are creative, think in the long term, you are decisive and you keep a close eye on the interests of customers and colleagues. You will co-prepare and implement Spilter Acceleration Room® projects and you will work closely with colleagues and clients.

What do we offer you?

A pleasant, professional and informal working environment with plenty of room for personal development. You will be guided and supported by experienced colleagues with the aim of introducing you to the circle of clients and contributing to it successfully. You will receive a competitive salary, mobility and other matters to be able to do your work well and, above all, with great pleasure.

To be successful you have:

  • A completed WO or HBO education. Preferably in the field of public administration, business administration or communication sciences. But we would also like to hear from you if, for example, you have completed a study in human geography with management courses.
  • Project-based skills where you can distinguish the essence from the details.
  • A result-oriented mentality, also known as ‘Getting things done’.
  • Experience with issues in the social domain in the public sector.
  • A helicopter view that allows you to see the big picture and to articulate it clearly.
  • Features that make it fun to work with you.

Do you recognize yourself in this position?

Then we would like to get to know you so that you can personally tell us why you want to become a Spilter Versnellingskamer® business consultant. Send your reaction to Sander Blom or contact us by phone on 036 – 750 82 75

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