Regional consultation acute care

Continuous improvement of mutual cooperation and harmonization of the care offer.

The AZNN is the partner in the care network of hospitals, regional ambulance services, GGD/GHOR, general practitioners, midwives and mental health services. Especially by sharing knowledge and the daily experiences of all chain partners, they jointly improve acute care in the Northern Netherlands.

In situations where every second counts, good cooperation between different care providers is of great importance. Because only that results in the best care. Knowledge of each other’s working methods and expertise is therefore essential.

In the Regional Consultation on Acute Care (ROAZ), providers of acute care make agreements about the continuous improvement of mutual cooperation and coordination of the care offer.

4 themes are given priority:


Why Spilter was used

  • Realize an increase in ownership of decisions made through involvement and transparency.
  • Shorten decision-making, so that 75 stakeholders can agree on the most important themes and their prioritization in one session of just three hours.
  • A high-impact environment in which insights are obtained step-by-step and decisions are made based on a structured approach.
  • Provides real-time insight into opinions in clear graphs that make the session interactive, substantive and effective
  • Based on the vote of each individual participant, a ranking had to be created in the themes, supplemented with proposed activities and an owner per theme.

Care consultation in the Acceleration

“As far as we are concerned, working with the system has been successful and has contributed to a great meeting.”

– Advisor Acute Care – AZNN

Where have we already installed a Gear​


As Spilter, we were allowed to facilitate the (net)work meeting about the future of acute care in the Northern Netherlands with our GDSS. It was great for the 75 participants to physically meet again. There was plenty of room to catch up, not often so many participants ‘hang out’ for the closing drink. However, the evening was not entirely without obligation, there was also a lot of hard work to be done.

Under the leadership of the day’s chairman Jan Kremer , about 75 administrators and professionals from the acute care chain in the Northern Netherlands expressed their views on the pre-collected themes of ‘national policy’, ‘care coordination and capacity’, ‘data availability and smart care technology’ and ‘staff’.

The themes were introduced with powerful pitches and then mapped out in a carousel of four rounds where the opportunities lie in these themes. Subsequently, the priorities were established and discussed what the first steps should be to achieve this. And who will pick it up.

Based on the results, a concrete work agenda for the coming year will follow. It was a valuable (net)work meeting with a lot of energy, will and ambition to make the Northern Netherlands a leader in cooperation in the acute care chain!

Client: AZNN (acute care network northern Netherlands)
Application: Live Session
Number of participants: 75
From Spilter: Martin de Jong & Jerry van Staveren
Setup: Cabaret

The Acceleration room accelerates along 4 axes:

Planning and preparation

An online preparation acceleration room places the issue in a broader context. Determines when the session is successful, which topics are covered, which participants are needed and which steps can be taken.

Methodology and implementation

It speeds up the traditional way in which groups come to policy and decision-making. Digital methods, which cannot be realized in a traditional meeting, ensure that complex problems can be handled in a simple and clear manner.

Technology and Facilitation

Textual and graphical feedback methods make the session extremely efficient. As a result, only the important matters are discussed. The influence of dominance and hierarchy is minimized, so that less common opinions are also heard.

Accountability and reporting

Easy reporting and accountability of results. Writing extra reports is a thing of the past. All relevant data is digitally available and can be retrieved at any time. All steps in the decision-making process are digitally recorded.


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